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    LVFD--absolutely right on. That's just the way life oughta be.

    As Wolf8552 stated--apply for a vehicle every year and let the program say no. First off--you can't win if you don't play.

    Second--the AFG Program has to secure Congressional funding every year. If departments don't apply for what they need, the view of Congress (rightly) is that there is not enough need to fund. That's one sure way to help funding move elsewhere.

    Third--by applying you will have the opportunity to request a letter of support from your Congressman. While it doesn't carry any direct weight on awards, it does help your Representative understand the need to continue fund the program.

    Fourth--in addition to Congressman Donnelly, we're in the habit of requesting letters of support from our Senators and Township Trustee along with a few other people. Again, no direct help to the application but if we have a need and i'm doing my best work on the AFG app--no point in not sharing that with other folks in the funding stream.

    One of my favorite "Kurt" lines--If people don't know you need something, there's no way they'll help you get it (paraphrased).

    Good luck!!

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    Kurt; I have two questions.
    1.Is your contact number still the same as on your web site since you may be running your own company now?
    2.Do you have any open slots for this fall? Like I said before we have some of the best golf courses in the south and a 750 mile shoreline lake to play in. That is if you donít mine mixing business with pleasure.

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    once title changes hands and the obligation not to sell directly to another fire dept. is met by the grant awardee then whatever the new owner does has no restriction placed upon them since they are not party to the grant process.

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    Skimmed this so may have been already said but looked like it was contradicted up until the post right above. As of right now while I'm typing, the title can be transferred to a broker during a sale. Then per DOT and other regulations the broker has to refurbish the vehicle to roadworthy condition and NFPA requirements in order to sell it as a fire truck.

    The liability is not on the AFG award winner to verify that the broker does this. Once the broker takes possession/title the seller is no longer liable for what happens.

    But as the purchaser I would sure want to see the list of things that the broker fixed/upgraded on it prior to making that purchase.

    Also the dealer just can't be a broker in the true sense and just make the sales arrangement taking temporary title for 30 minutes. That's the type of stuff that will get both the buyer, seller, and broker into some legal issues.
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