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    Default Iowa City, IA Firefighter Recruitment

    The Iowa City Fire Department with be accepting applications for full time Firefighters until 5:00PM, Friday, September 17, 2010.


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    well guys and gals, I thought I would take this thread and maybe "revive" it, and also introduce myself. I am 19 years old, I just got nationally registered as an EMT-Basic, and also got my Iowa state license. I also am currently enrolled in my local volunteer department's recruit program to get my FF1, and Haz-mat operations. I thought I would post on this particular thread, because I did apply to Iowa city fire, and seeing if there was anyone on this forum who did also. Thanks everybody, I'm learning alot from these forums, and like alot of people hope to earn that badge! And any additional info from you more experienced guys/gals will always be appreciated. Thanks again. -John

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    I know they had the written & cpat already, how did you fair?

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