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Thread is 2 1/2 years old, but since it was bumped... firepundit is right, and it was originally called A Rodgers Rope Tool. It is a standard department issue here, but they are home-made. The hook is constructed of 316 stainless rod 3/8" diameter and bent as follows... 3/4" loop (eye) on the end with a 2 1/2" diameter "Hook". Rope is 3/8" Dacron (do not use Polypropelene or Nylon) Poly deteriorates with ultra violet & nylon will stretch. Rope is fashioned into a loop through the hook eye and spliced, leaving a 1 ft. "Tail". Tail is run through a 3/8" cable thimble with a 2" welded SS ring and spliced back on itself. As for moving charged 5" line. 2 weeks ago it was necessary to lay in on a long driveway (800 ft.). Several places in the lay, the hose snaked across the entire drive. 3 of us, using rope tools were able to clear the line off the drive and into 10 inches of snow to allow the heavy rescue access to the scene for air and lighting. Yes, a rope tool is a very effective tool in your arsenal. Holds door open (automatic closures), hangs fans in doorways and windows, the ring (around the hose) & loop (over your shoulder) can be used to help hold a charged line leaving your hands to direct the nozzle. Thread an end through a roll of hose, bind the roll with the loop & put the loop over your shoulder as a carry aid. Tie the ladder tip into the building for roof operations. Holds a charged line and takes the weight on a ladder or window sill. Stainless is a must, since a rusted hook or ring will leave a rust mark on a painted door or window sill. Keep your customers happy.
pictures ? please