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    Question CAD program-AFG?

    I am trying to get some ideas, i am considering writing a AFG proposal for a new CAD (Computer Automated Dispatch). We use a CAD system now that is extremely outdated and is very limited. For example there is not even a mapping program for our MDC's in our apparatus. This would be esentialy be for our county communications center that dispatches for nearly 100% of our FD's within the county. Has anyone did this and give me some input? Any help would be great. I guess it would be more of a regional app. Thanks

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    While I don't believe a CAD program is specifically labeled as "ineligible", it may be too far outside the "high priority" box to get funded. Too many other departments still requesting turnouts and scba.

    However, if a new CAD program is your greatest need...you should give it a try. It would probably fit best under a regional grant request for interoperable communications.

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    Another thought is this should probably be done as a regional effort.
    But then there is no equipment to be distributed to the individual departments as regionals require.
    Maybe the fact that it would benefit XXX number of departments would score better.

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    I wrote a Regional grant this year for mapping software for 10 of the FDs in our county. It's not exactly CAD, but it's along the same lines. Don't know if it was funded yet. The amount was for about $140,000.

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    Here is a link to a sample grant narrative for mdc's. Not sure if it will help. Someone from minnesota may know more about this application.


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