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    I'm sure many of you users have saw the post on the front page of firehouse, however, I think it should also be linked within the forums. Below is a link to the trailer for a documentary film about Detroit firefighters. It is a very insightful preview of what Detroit firefighters face and as well as what the city has to face on a daily basis. In order for a full length documentary film to be produced, the film makers are asking for donations. Roughly 6,000 has been collected, however, 90,000 is needed by October. There are various ways of donating and any amount can be donated. At least check the trailer out if anything. If you wish to donate to make the full documentary happen follow the links given by the site.

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    Thanks for posting! I live just outside of Detroit, and everytime I go there I see a city with so much potential to be great once again. DFD is one hard working team. I hope this video will bring them the attention they desparately need to find some solutions to the problems plaguing the city.

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