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    Default StlFD Applying/ Testing

    I recently worked on a political campaign in which the IAFF Local 73 was heavily involved in. I got the opportunity to meet and campaign with alot of St. Louis Firefighters and hear about the department in St. Louis. I liked what I heard so much so that I'm now interested in applying with the City Fire Department. I've talked to a couple of firefighters and have heard mixed things about the hiring process that I'm hoping to get cleared up here.

    Some people have told me that getting a job with the city is a good idea because preference is shown and the city likes to hire firemen laterally from other city departments. However, other people have said that this has changed and now a city job doesn't help. Does employment with the city STILL earn someone preference in hiring?

    I'm aware that fire exams are few and far between. Is there any way to get on a list where I can be notified of upcoming exams and/or apply to take this exam?

    Thanks in advance for the informative responses and the great work you guys did on the campaign.

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    Default Stl

    According to the mayor, it looks like STLFD is about to layoff many good firefighters. I would not worry about testing there for a LONG time. Keep these bros in our thoughts and prayers.

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    there is a thread on here about the stlfd and it is very informative. I have some bad news for ya though they are not looking at doing another hiring list as this summer the current list was suppose to expire. They extended the current list and as the person before me say they are in talks of closing fire house and laying people off. I am in the same position as as I would love to work for stlfd suppression. Check out the thread and you should get all the info you need. Hope that helps.

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    You no longer get preference being a city employee. You do, however, get 5 points added to your score. Don't hold your breath waiting for the next test though.

    There is still talk about laying off anywhere from 10-60 personnel, and even transferring some to EMS. No one really knows whats going on because the story changes everyday. We won't know until it actually happens.

    They have been making promotions in the last few weeks, which to me is a very good sign. The other story we've been told is ALL overtime is elimated engine companies and/or medic uits will be put out of service in lieu of OT. A couple of weeks ago the night shift shut down 2 of the busier medic units instead of calling in OT.

    The bottom line is, in the St. Louis Fire Department there is no room at the inn right now. If you really wanna be a career firefighter....get your paramedic license, and get a college degree, look into county departments. Otherwise you will wait a really long time to get on StLFD.

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