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    Default BROTHER IN NEED OF HELP! please read and spread this on

    One of the brothers from my department just got hit with news none of us want to hear. His wife was diagnosed with a very aggresive form of cancer. His wife needs specific tests and treatment, that are NOT all covered by insurance, and the ones that are, have extremely high deductables. Please, take a second and visit this website, and pass this on to your locals as well. This is a heartbreaking story, especially to a couple so young. Thank you!


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    Have you gotten with the other locals in our area? Also mabey some other orginaztions like Fire & Iron?

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    Any chance he is a Veteran?
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    Lost my husband of 31 years August 4th after a 14 month battle with stage IV squamous cell carcinoma with metastisis. I feel your pain and pray for your future.

    Please have your healthcare provider show you the social worker for the oncology unit. They have been pure gifts from God to my family and I. They have pulled many a trick out of no where in helping us do everything from assist with transportation costs to providing Christmas for our three children.

    God Bless you on your journey and know that there will be many a prayer sent your way please keep your fire service family informed through these boards. We'll all pitch in where we can.

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