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So I decided to go to EKU for a 4 year Fire safety Admin degree. I really debated doing the degree or just going through the dept. and getting my fire 1, fire 2, ect... so in this debate i am still comparing with friends who went the other route and went with the department. I will be joining the AFST and they do regular trainings but i still dont really know. any advice that anyone ha will help me out.

My main questions are:

-what do i come out with after 4 years? i know i will have a degree with my name on it, but what does that mean in the fire field.

-Because of the degree how do I have to work out my Firefighter 1, ect...? I dont really understand the certification, will i be able to take a test or will i have more classes to go through?

-lastly, Any suggestions for me as i go through this? What should i be doing to try an get myself ready to go once i get out of school. I.E. summers, weekend, nights, any ideas really.

Thanks for your time and any advice that you may have
Just to let you know, i attend EKU, so if you need something just PM me. The real reason I am posting is to let you know (if you dont know already)that Richmond Fire offers a Co-Op/Internship. Look for the posting around April as there are going to be quite a few positions to fill for next year. If you want more information just ask. I think this would be a great opportunity for you considering that your a freshmen, once you get the Co-Op position you can keep the Co-op till you graduate if you so desired.