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    Ok, so our last fire training went rough on me. I was BEAT after that training day. We did a live burn and were training for several hours. I made the mistake of taking a 5 hour energy before training and I do smoke. I realized after wards that 1) NEVER take those while on duty or training ( my mistake ) and 20 I need to stop smoking and tried before with no luck obviously and 3) I need to eat better and work out.

    Any advice on any of this? That last training was my wake up call,just not sure where to start. Like good work outs and effective ways to stop smoking! I've tried cold turkey and I become just plain mean to everyone and tried the patch and that made my skin itch horribly and I wanted to smoke even more while on them.

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    Get hydrated and on track with your diet. Start cardio immediately to break loose any crap you got built up in your lungs. Obviously you still need to quit smoking but cardio will and can increase your VO2 max which will make your breathing easier.

    Start at 70-80% of your MHR so take 220-age= ( ) this is your MHR in BPM
    Take your MHR x 70%= BPM
    Take your MHR x 80%= BPM

    This is your working THR range. ex 220-20YO=200 BPM MHR
    200 x 70%= 140 BPM
    200 x 80%= 160 BPM

    So I would do 3 days a week 40-60mins at a HR of 140-160 BPM. This is a VERY basic but good starting program. Get Started =)

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