Hi Guys,
Looking for a little help on a SAFER R&R application narrative, we submitted one for '09 that was turned down. Looking for tuition reimbursement examples, numbers were down to 18 for a while and it was getting a little thin...

Our '09 narrative tied our needs to NFPA 1720, and required FFs that take the reimbursement to commit to a certain number of years of service (or pay back tuition).

I thought it would be a great way for us to attract the young FFs (and young backs) that are so essential, but got DJ'ed right away and the DJ said that we didn't score well in the automated assessment, and that it "lacked the level of detail to be considered for funding".

Thanks for your help, these forums have been a great resource for me as I work on grants for our department.
Nate (echelonff@gmail.com)