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    Default Industrial scientific itx multi-gas meter question (ds2)

    So we have a BUNCH of these DS2 docks with matching ITX (Multi-Gas) Meters from Industrial Scientific.

    Per bottle of gas we have 5 on the daisy chain... we have two daisy chains.

    How often should we be performing a bump test and calibration?

    Currently we are doing daily bump tests, and monthly calibrations.

    Is this appropriate?

    It seems as though we are running through the test gas in the two main chains every 2 weeks or so..

    Our setup looks something like this:

    TEST BOTTLE 1 --> ITX 1 --> ITX 2 --> ITX 3 --> ITX 4
    TEST BOTTLE 2 --> ITX 5 --> ITX 6 --> ITX 7 --> ITX 8

    This is our docking station:

    This is our multi gas meter:

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    Using the docking station to bump test daily and then calibrate monthly is what the manufacturer recommends. The docking station should notify you if a bump test has failed. That detector should then be calibrated.
    I know that the docking stations tend to use a bit more gas than doing it all manually, but it sounds like you are using more than usual.
    Any leaks?
    Is the DS2 set to force calibration every time it bumps?
    Is it set to auto-calibrate if bump testing fails?
    What size cylinders?
    These are just some ideas. You could also talk to your distributor or just cal ISC directly.

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    Default Size calgas cylinder?

    What size calibration gas cylinder are you using? If you're actually following the recommended procedure, it's going to eat up some serious gas. However, you sure be given a standing ovation for actually following the manufacturer recommendations here.

    I'd recommend going with a 58L cylinder, at least. With how much you're running, you may want to look into going with a large reusable cylinder from a company like Airgas. One of my customers, a process piping firm, who does a lot of on site work uses these and are ecstatic with how much they're saving over the disposables. You'd need a CGA regulator and all to set it up, but the guy from Airgas (or Praxair or whoever is in your area) would be able to help you out there, and if they can't I'd walk you through what you needed to do to set it all up, it's pretty easy. I'm attaching a picture of one so you'll know what to ask a rep for if you decide to go that route. They call them "30 cubic footers" usually.

    If you have any questions call me, 734 560 7481, that's my direct cell.


    James Moore, Ideal Calibrations, LLC.
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