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    Default Need information regarding REHAB specs and GRANT funding

    Hello all.

    I am looking into the possibility or availability of ANY grant or federal funding that might be available for the purchase of a rehab unit. We are a large metro department that like all others have felt the economic crunch.

    ALSO, does anyone care to share any information, specs, etc for a rehab unit?

    I'm looking at a commercial chassis, 20' (approx) body. Would be a walk-in, climate controlled body. Would like to have a small "kitchen" area, bathroom facility, and awnings on both sides.

    Thank you very much in advance.

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    Under AFG it would be a category 4 wish list. They don't have the funding for even a small portion of the Category 1 request received each year.
    Maybe you have a local bread company or chip company that could get you a used diesel powered step van that could be converted. Not much out there in current grants that I'm aware of will fit this type of vehicle.

    You can ask over in the grants forum and maybe someone there has other ideas of a grant source that might work for you.

    There have been a few "command type specialty vehicles " funded through Homeland security on a regional basis. maybe something along those lines could be funded as a multi purpose unit

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    Get creative. Apply for a public education trailer/truck under FPSS and spec it dual purpose for rehab. (We spec'd ours dual purpose as a command unit.)

    The catch is that you'd have to actually use it for pub ed now and again.
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    If you are in a major metro area you have got to have access to exces City busses.
    The City of Hartford in CT has done a good job with their rehab truck in an old bus you already have the HVAC and seating and can add shelving or other units you need. They have an Engine co resond and pick up the truck when needed, it also has like 50 coat hooks on the outside for guys gear.

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