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    Default Rosey is about 35-40% of Spartan

    Rosey is around 35-40% of Spartans firetruck chassis. Smeal is under 100 Spartans a year. Most others are smaller. Rosey is around 325-375 a year. Most of the General production (65%+) goes on Spartan. Around a similar overall number go to Central. But, Central produces more so the percentage is lower with them. Rosey is by far the biggest Spartan chassis customer. Call Spartan and ask. Smeal,Crimson, and Marion are the next big three. Then the regional builders like 4Guys and Alexis. KME is now offering as well. Rosey is by far the biggest. Tim Johnson was the Spartan rep for the account until July when he went to work for Rosey as a regional. Look for more Spartan regionals to leave soon. Some are complaining about management.

    The real question is what heppens if LaFrance turns to selling chassis like they did right after Hebe took over in 95'. The same story could unfold in Clintonville as well. Most people in the industry expect Seagrave to go under. Hope it does'nt happen. Love the old girl of the fire service even though I don't sell for them.

    In the interest of full disclosure:
    I am a sales rep selling trucks on spartan chassis. I also am a shareholder of Spartan Motors stock.

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    Will Rosenbauer sell enough chassis to justify the cost? "Great Question" I was told by a Rosenbauer salesperson, that there will not be a problem justifing the cost. Before they built the first chassis for the open house demonstration held in Texas, they had received a signal order for Three Hundred fifty (350) custom Rosenbauer chassis from Saudi Arabia. Rosenbauer at the present time has signed contracts for over twenty (20) custom chassis orders in house from Municipal fire departments in the USA and Canada.

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    looked at a Commander chasis a few months ago, the quality was lacking. Fit and finish were terrible to say the least. Many Screws were not completely drivien in . Headliner was hanging. The floor in the crew cab had a pretty good amount of flexing when you stood on it. Wires were hanging below the cab. It will be interesting to see one of these after 5 years of service in a busy dept.

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