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Thread: Cutting torch

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    Default Cutting torch

    What is a good compact cutting torch to look at possibly purchasing? We don't have one, but we might just look and see if it is something that might serve us.
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    The Sure Cut is the one that I would recommend. The rods aren't cheap, but it will cut through anything ferrous, and most anything else metallic. All you need with it is O2, a battery, and the unit. It will cut in less than 1/2 the time of other torches. That greatly reduces heat transfer and time spent.
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    Petrogen torch. Easy to use and it is only as dangerous as gasoline. There is little that they cannot cut through.

    and a good youtube video...
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    I still like Oxy/acetelyne with a GOOD torch capable of severing up to 6" material. My PERSONAL torch has easy change tips so you can cut anything from sheet metal thru 8" +. T.C.
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    Here is a thread I started awhile back with discussion on different cutting torches and exothermic devices/set-ups. (Plasma Torch Cutter Vs. ArcAir Slice Pack)

    In the thread, my company was expierencing issues with our unit not working, working intermittantly, and rods not firing. Since that thread, I sent both of our units out, for factory rehab and several issues were noted including batteries being dead...After everything was fixed, they now work like a champ and we have been extensively training on them finding new ways to maximize the use of our Slice Paks.

    Any further questions, shoot me a message and i'll help you where I can.


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    Like everything else... it depends. Asking this question is like asking what kind of car should i buy...

    If you are only going to have one torch, IMO the best bet is a standard portable OXY/ Acet. set up and don't forget some extra tips and cylinders for training and drilling. For ease of use this is the way to go.

    If you are doing heavy demo the petrogen is ok, it cuts great but is very tempermental and is not for delicate rescue work.

    The exothermic torches have their purpose but if you are only going to have one torch, this is not the one to have. Very sloppy to work with, good for blasting through a mess. This type of torch takes some getting used to and lots of practice.

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