Chad P Wax We Will Never Forget

September eleventh, two thousand and one,
The count of lives changed will never be done.
That morning in New York two towers stood tall,
No one would have thought that soon they would fall.
At 8:46 am, as fate would show,
This was the moment of the first fatal blow.
We watched in horror as the planes flew in fast,
Over lower Manhattan, a black shadow was cast.
Terror struck home from high over head,
Many were wounded, many more were dead.
Everyone was running, people were scared,
All but the firemen, and the ones who dared
To go in and save as many as they could,
Not concerned that they could perish, and perish, they would.
Aside from the people, a world landmark was lost,
Such a cold, cowardice act, and the lives that it cost.
But, America fought back, we're still fighting today,
And, we will prevail, it's the American way.
We fight for freedom, from sea to shining sea,
Our countrymen die daily, for the sake of you and me.
It's what this country's based on, it's why we're here,
To help keep one another from living in fear.
So, to our soldiers, our firemen, in all that you do,
To the victims, to their families, we will never forget you.