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    Default Just need some advice

    Hey everyone. I'm a paramedic here in California and also a volunteer firefighter and my wife and I want to move to Virginia in pursuit of a full time firefighter paramedic position. I have been looking at different openings in the state and I just wanted to ask you guys if you had any advice on Virginia fire departments in general. I'm pretty green when it comes to the east coast, but I want to learn. I'm looking for advice on what departments look for in their candidates, which departments are possibly hiring if you know and what I can do to better prepare myself for a full time position. Thank you for you time.

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    Virginia is a big state with a variety of career, volunteer, and combination departments in it. Have you looked into any particular areas of the state (near DC, near the beach, in the mountains, in the Richmond region)? If not, we have a lot of users here that can give you some ideas.

    I travel and visit many, many Virginia fire departments as part of my PT job, so I can probably give you at least an idea of what you might expect from different departments or regions.
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    This is in no way meant as a Slap to anyone or any dept, but I'd consider looking at the Mid-Atlantic area in General. North Carolina, Maryland, West Virginia, Delaware, Southern Pennsylvania, and the Jersey Shore along with Virginia....... Gives you a good choice of places to look. We are close enough to Virginia to operate within a very successful Mutual Aid Program that started in Fairfax County, Va. Unlike a lot of places, we expect to be hiring again here, so things are looking up.
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