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    Thumbs up Send me pics please...

    I am working on an artsy fartsy collage to decorate our rather drab and industrial looking fire house. I am looking for pictures from your department that have a "2" theme. Pictures of your trucks or station signage that say for example: Engine 2, Ladder 2, Squad 2, Station 2, Rescue 2, Utility 2, Quint 2, Truck 2, Chief 2......you get the idea. Please send me pics of these items either up close or from a not too far away distance. If they have the name of your department in them as well as the "2" theme that would be a bonus. I would greatly appreciate any help in my project. And I know how fireman humor goes so please don't send me any dick pics or stuff like that. LOL! Thanks in advance Brothers!

    Send them to Firemedic371@comcast.net

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    Quote Originally Posted by FireMedic371 View Post
    And I know how fireman humor goes so please don't send me any dick pics...
    What if it's in the shape of a 2 though?

    I'll see what I can do but no promises. I might have 4 (E2, L2, R2 and U2) for you.

    Sounds like a good idea. Good luck.

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    Sorry...all I have at work is a 7 and 11 (our previous supervisor had a wierd sense of humor).

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