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    Default Interested in joining the elite...

    I'm a 19 year old college sophomore currently in the process of trying to obtain a bachelor's in Business Management (and hopefully an MBA). My father was a firefighter from 1979-2001 in my hometown and I've always thought it'd be really cool to follow in his footsteps in that direction. I should probably just ask him, since he's my dad, but I'm kind of curious at this hour, and with football and school kind of owning most of my life at the moment and my dad having a full-time job, our schedule conflicts most of the time for me to give him a call.

    Essentially I'm asking, what should I do in terms of at the very least becoming a volunteer/paid-by-call firefighter in my hometown. I'm not interested in getting a degree (at least to the extent of a Bachelor's) in Fire Science, but what do I have to do to start taking the steps?

    Just go through my local fire department and start taking necessary classes?

    Should I do this with the town I go to college at or in my hometown?

    -Bryan Burke

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    Go down to your local fire station and ask. It can't hurt. As long as you look presentable and maybe even bring a treat. They should be more than happy to tell you about how to get started there.

    How does football own your life now? Playing or watching?

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    Just go in and ask. I have always had great responses for any fire fighter I have talked with. Volunteer is pretty easy to get on if they are accepting people. Usually just go to a certain amount of meeting and they will take a vote. Based upon your attitude and general likability when you where there they will or will not vote you in. Then its just a matter of meeting standards or basic attendance (certain % if calls, training and meetings). I would ask if you are completely new about the training or classes. I was blessed to get on a department that trains quite a bit compared to other departments.

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    Thanks for the responses fellas, I'll be sure to gather information from both local fire departments (at school and at home) and see what their situation.

    As far as football, I play football on the NCAA D-III level.

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