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    Default Training scenarios

    I am looking for a source of training scenarios to begin some in-house/burn building training. Some time ago there was a set of books called Skull sessions published by American fire Journal, however, it appears that this group has gone out of business (web site gone). I was hoping to find someone who has this set of books or access to some other source. I plan to start my own set of scenarios by would like to have something to build on.

    Thank you in advance for any help.

    Stephen Benson
    Training Officer
    Southaven Fire Dept.

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    2 man attack team, one Firefighter down, pinned by _______.
    2 man attack team, hose burst, egress point not reachable.
    Search team located one victim and and trapped, what do you do?
    You know some good ones, but just use your imagination, prepare everyone for events that could happen.
    Try a two man Denver drill, two in the hole.

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    Go into your department's old reports, and look at some of the situations they have responded to in the past, as history repeats itself.

    Look at new construction, and ask some of your surrounding departments with the same new construction, what kind of situations they have responded to.

    Look at you-tube and find situations that could occur in your area.

    Remeber that 90% of your situations are the same situations over and over. Train on those. Every once in awhile, throw in a new twist or a new building, but keep your scenarios simple and consistant with what your department responds to.

    Basically, keep it real by keeping it local. Make sure that when you are running the scenarios you are using your response times, your mapower levels and your training levels. Don't allow the guys to go beyond what you normally get to take care of the scenarios.

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    We were running into some of the same situations, getting stagnant in training so a brother firefighter and I put together this free video site http://www.firevidz.com/. The fire ground section has everything from hose loads, to throwing ladders. The live fire videos work great for training because it shows the techniques used on live fires (ie ground ladders being used on actual fires). The live fire videos also make great discussion scenarios where you can watch the video and talk about what you liked, what you would do different, how your department would handle that fire. We put it together to be free and hope other people could use it as well.


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