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    Default Looking for stories - 911 Book


    Are you in the emergency response (911) profession? This is a wonderful opportunity to get YOUR story written by an author and published in a new upcoming book.

    I am looking to write the stories from firefighters, military, military police, paramedics, police officers, and dispatchers, doctors and nurses who have inspirational or humour based true stories. Names can remain anonymous.

    The most powerful stories are about our 911 heroes extending themselves, or performing an act of love, service or courage for another person and that is you!!!
    I've received many stories from police and military, etc. but nothing from our most loved heroes!! Come on guys and girls..let's hear your story!

    Please e-mail valistone@hotmail.com or call (905) 895-9988 and leave your full name and phone number and I will contact you.

    Vali Stone
    Author/Cops Donít Cry

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    Is this book for profit or are the proceeds being donated?

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