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    Default Getting started?

    Trying to become career FF. Have joined VFD loving it. About to start an EMT B class through VFD so will get that out of the way. When that finishes will go to one week fire school at Texas A&M in early spring. Questions?
    1) What is the best way to get started?
    A) find civil service exams? If so how?
    B) Get certs/academy before applying? Have you seen better success
    from having these before applying? I know some bigger cities send you
    through their academy no matter what.
    C) Both what ever happens first?

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    what state are you in??

    what does your state/ or cities require to get hired??

    meet the requirements and start applying

    how do you find openings??/ city web sites, state web sites, fire academies

    find out the process for your area and ge going

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    Live in texas. Process unsure? From what I can tell you find and show up to take civil service exam. Some require basics other require FF cert, emt b or paramedic. I just was wondering what you found most successful? Would it look better/ would you have better chances of getting hired with certs?

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    In texas most cities want you to be texas firefighter certified , and some want either emt or paramedic.

    there are a few cities that will hire you off the street dallas, fort worth, houston, arlington but you are competeing against a lot more people then departments that require the certification

    check this web site weekly, and you can see the requriements for different cities:::


    go for certification

    there is a online one, but you do a week of practicals at thier facility::


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