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    Curious to see how other volunteer companies handle driver training. We have a committee of four that can certify new drivers. A new driver must drive & operate with 3 out of the 4 committee members before being "signed off". No set timeline for certifing them, just when the committee guys think they're ready. We have a driver training policy that outlines some basic stuff as far as the order in wich you can progress thru the different apparatus but are flexible as we have 2 stations. Thanks for any input!

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    The driver trainee must complete a state approved EVOC course. The trainee must go out on their first training trip with the Chief or Chief Engineer. They must complete a mininum of 10 seperate trips, a total 50 miles, and 20 hours. If the trainee isn't comfortable after that or the chief isn't comfortable then the training process is extended. For engines the driver must have Pump Operations I or equivalent, for our Tele-Squrt the driver must have Aerial Operations or equivalent.

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    Our department requirements are a little different than Squad50FFís. First the candidate must have 5 years as a firefighter before requesting to be trained for a drivers position. During that time he must complete the Delmar course for firefighter, an EVOC/EVDT course, both Pump I & II and Aerial Ops. The actual driver training program is supervised by experienced engineers or drivers who assist the chief engineer in properly training the candidate to operate all equipment from the John Deere Gator in off road conditions to Pick-ups, Ford 550 brush units, 4 different style engines, a heavy rescue (4 wh dr) to a KME Aerial Cat Platform. The candidate driver must be proficient in the operation of all equipment before being given a road test by the chief engineer. Deficiencies are noted and additional driving time and / or instruction are provided until the candidate can perform a standard street driving course laid out by the training committee. After qualifying, the new driver is restricted to driving second due or later until the officers (Captís & Lieutís) have had time to observe the new drivers abilities and give their evaluations.

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