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    Default Paramedic Field Internship, where?

    Does anybody possibly know of any departments in or around the Southern Fox Valley EMS Systems that allow non-department members to do ride time? I am having a terrible time finding a sponsor so that I can turn in my application for the 2011 program.

    So far this is the way things are going with the departments I know of and have contacted recently.

    Aurora - department members only.
    Bristol-Kendall - department members only.
    Geneva - department members only.
    Montgomery - department members only.
    Oswego - department members only.
    St. Charles - awaiting reply.
    Aurora Township - awaiting reply.
    Sugar Grove - department members occupy all available spots.
    Batavia - department members occupy all available spots.

    I want to try to stay in system(In case I have test again, Aurora gives preference only to in system medics), but it looks like that may not be happening. So I'm open to other suggestions. I've also been referred to the Edwards Paramedic Program so I'm going to look into that as well.

    Any help is appreciated.
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    I know First Care Ambulance Service is located out of Aurora...


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