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    Question Confined Space Communication Suggestions

    Needing some advice from you experts out there, pertaining to Con Space Communication. We're a fairly small dept, but have been blessed wih opportunities to get involved with areas of technical rescue. We have recently began CS rescue, and are in the process of evaluating communication equipment. I'd like to hear some of your thoughts/suggestions on a 3 person versus a 5 person hardwired system. The cost difference has us weighing our options. How necessary is it for both entrants and both attendants to have this capability? Would one entrant and one attendant suffice? Definitely will not sacrifice safety to save a few bucks, but your input would be greatly appreciated.

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    Each entrant needs comms. What if the wrong one goes down? We use the ResComm rope system. The comms are in the rope and it save one extra tangle hazard. The more you can get one comms the better.
    Jason Brooks
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    Default Comms System

    We also use Rescomm rope and love it. Previously we used a hard wire system and comms through metering equipment and overall found the Rescomm the way to go. The fact that it's NFPA 1983 "G" rated rope and comms all in one makes it a great tool in your tool box.
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    I have on order the Con-Space USAR kit, its what we used when our team got trainined, and it is what the team wanted to stay with.

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