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    Are we really arguing over this stupid crap. God I would rather see a post about explorers carrying pagers and responding from school or straping warning lights to their bikes.

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    Cool Huh.....

    Our chief values our explorers above most of the probies. He understands that the explorers are the future of the department and he takes an active role in training and supervising explorers. I'm sorry that your chief doesn't take an active role in the explorers, because I believe it has helped develop our post and our chief is more knowledgeable in what we do and is able to supply us with more funding for our trainings because he knows all of the explorers personally and he knows what we are capable of. Every fire chief should be actively involved in thier explorer post.
    1st re-read what I posted, I'll make it easier for you and highlight the really important part.....

    I know my Chief is way too busy to be dealing with one of my Explorers. As the Head Advisor, any issue needs to come to me through their Chain-of-Command. As far as discipline goes, it's my call based on the infraction. When discipline such as suspension, expulsion, or loss of priviledges are issued the Parents are always present that way if they have any questions, comments or concerns they can be addressed then. Just what has worked well for me.

    Maybe my chief just understands the importance of it more than others do.
    If your referring to my Chief here, my suggestion is to "check yourself....." As the Head Adviser, I would be embarrassed if I needed to take a disciplinary issue to my Chief. The exceptions here would be if there was a serious injury, an issue that is illegal or an issue where the Department could be held liable financially (think Law Suit here). Now, if we need to "pick his brain" then my Chief has always been there for Us.

    Our chief values our explorers above most of the probies.
    If I were a Probationary FF there, this comment would be dealt with "in house" through my Chain of Command. If that is truly how your Chief feels then that is what works for them, I say "if that's what works for ya, then cool....." If I'm a Probationary FF and my Chief says that, I'd be seriously disappointed and question my true value to my Department; then again maybe I'm silly to think this way.

    I'm not gonna battle a youngster here, but be careful with some of your comments since you came here (a National/World-wide Forum) asking how other Explorer Posts deal with discipline. Have fun, stay safe and smile.....
    "Be LOUD, Be PROUD..... It just might save your can someday when goin' through an intersection!!!!!"

    Life on the Truck (Quint) is good.....

    Eat til you're sleepy..... Sleep til you're hungry..... And repeat.....

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    I have been an explorer for 3 years now and have held all the leadership positions. Most recently capt. we, dont really punish our explorers all that often. However you must earn all your privilages. If you don't preform you don't get to ridealong. The only time punative punishment is handed down is when an explorers actions make their way to the cheif in a negative way.

    But I think Mike hit the nail on the head. As a fellow explorer watch what is said. You may think nothing of it but I have personally seen people expelled for something said out of district.
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