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    Default n95 filter for Scot mask

    So lately we're having alot more fires with blown in cellulose insulation and our department's new policy is to pull it all when we go to a fire. problem is this takes for ever and we burn through bottles like it's nothing. my question is does scott or some one make a canister style filter that will attach to a scott mask? the IDLH environment is long gone and it sure would be nice to drop the 60lbs and have a longer work time between rotations.


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    Yes, Scott makes a twist on filter cartridge type N95 system for their SCBA masks.

    Be aware, however, that the respirator fit test standards for filter masks and positive pressure masks is different. You may need to revise your annual fit test procedures to comply with OSHA regulations.

    You might want to check into the need for N95 maks for your application. A less restrictive (and far less expensive) dust mask might be sufficient. N95 cartridges aren't cheap and don't last all that long before they must be replaced.
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