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    Angry NIOSH at it again

    I want to keep faith in the system and tow the company line but everytime a report is issued it makes me cringe. How can anyone with the least bit of credibility make the statement that uncoordinated ventilation lead to a flashover that killed a firefighter? When you have a charged 2.5" hose in a room no bigger than 15' X18' and someone breaks a window. Thats uncoordinated! Are you kidding me? You can look at the diagram and see the fire most likely wrapped around behind the line from the second opening to the addition, and they didn't know how to use the hose.

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    I have read that as well. It seems like the nozzle firefighter was doing the pulseing method, But the problem was he was on a 2.5 with a 1.25 smooth tip.
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    Could you please elaborate on the incident you are referring to?

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    Its really an off color comment that I made given the circumstances. Maybe the moderator would be willing to pull it down it, wouldn't bother me. The latest report released by NIOSH on a fireground fatality has been out about a week. It cites that condition as a contriuting factor to the outcome. Then I saw a headline running somewhere in the fire circles declaring it. My overall observation was just that some of the reports, not just this one, cite reasons that appear to be way off the mark. Is it possible thats why there is a .....em.
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