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    Exclamation Stupid question on non-profit status

    Okay, Im all new at this and before I became secertary of the Association getting 501(c)3 and filing different reports where half done. I guess Im not real sure if I should be a unincorporated or incorporated??

    We have our:
    EIN #
    Certificated of formation nonprofit corporation

    I sent off to the Texas Comptroller office to file for tax exempt and recieved a deinal letter. Im so confussed on what is wrong and really dont understand the difference from unicorporated or incorparted and what we should be. Please any help will get me one step closer to getting this done.


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    That is the web page for the Texas Secretary of State -corporations division, which specifically deals with not for profit corporations. From there you can also check the
    entire database to see if you are incorporated.

    You can also call these folks and ask them - normally SOS offices are really friendly and easy to deal with.

    You should be incorporated if not a government agency. Pretty easy to do if you need to.

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