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    After running a search to no avail, I'm looking for comments on EJ Metals in WI. My dept is looking to replace our grass apparatus and the committee is looking at something on a F 550 4 door chassis that we can use for vehicle fires, crashes, and grass fires. We are hoping to find a multi purpose unit so we can leave our engine in the station and hopefully prolong it's life by a few years. I also posted this under the wildland section. Thanks for the input and be safe out there!

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    They look OK to me. Be sure you spec'd out what you want and not let any maker tell you what you want!

    It's your money, you spec what you want.
    Stay Safe and Well Out There....

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    I saw their truck at Harrisburg this year. Looked well built.

    There are a few other manufactures you might want to look at:

    Blanchat Mfg.


    General fire Equipment:

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    Everything I've seen come out of EJ Metals has been well built. Give them a call and talk to them... they're a very down to earth group of people. Like CaptOldTimer said, make sure you spec what you want. Also, work with the builder to see it through. In an ideal world, we could all have exactly what we want, but there are physical limitations with just about everything...

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