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    Cool Our Policy.....

    We primarily protect light/medium framed rotary aircraft, but we use primarily Structure Gear. At Station 3, which protects Military and Civilian Aircraft we do have the Proximity Suits issued to us but they stay in a closet unless some Heavy Cargo Planes come-in then we pull them out and set them by the ARFF and Water Tender. Our Crash Stations provide both services so the Structure Gear works best for our Operations.

    I do agree, once the get the ARFF Boots on, it's like walking on pillows. Have fun getting them off though. When I first got hired at my current Career Department, I wore ARFF Boots with Structure Gear. I almost cried when they had me switch back to Turnout Boots. LOL.

    Gunny V, you do make some very valid points especially with the Manpower issue. I never understood how an ARFF with either (1) or (2) personnel is expected to be able to perform everything needed for an Aircraft Rescue. I know that we cover multiple Units, but (1) person (to bring the number up to 3) more per Unit would make more sense to me. It will be interesting to see if anybody challenges the manpower using the "2 In, 2 Out" Regulation. Just a thought.....

    Here's another thought, ever notice how the DOD training disks show ARFF/AF FFs wearing Proximity Gear while responding to a simulated FS which would require an Interior Attack, yet the Manufacturer says the gear is not intended for that use?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Firemedic070 View Post
    I agree the boots are the most uncomfortable boots I've ever worn. Globe has come out with an ARFF boot made of Leather that has all the protection of the rubber but 10xs more comfortable. Cost alot. I'm hoping that Globe at FDIC this year will have an set to try on.
    I am going to have to investigate that because I hate wearing my ARFF boots. Running the tapes after a barrier engagement really sucks in them.

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    As an index E dept we switched to all structual gear about 6 years ago. As has already been stated the need for prox gear is pretty nill these days. If you have a large fuel fire, you should be in the crash truck.

    And after reading the current studies out there we are now switching over to leather boots as well.

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