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    If anyone is heading to the International Technical Rescue Symposium in Boulder, CO the first weekend of November and needs a hotel room to share, let me know. I have a 2 bed room from the 4-7 and my initial roomate backed out on me.

    Your cost will $40.

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    is this a good conference to go to, i have thought of attending/?

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    This will be my third time going there and first time presenting. So yes, I think it is a good thing to go to. If you are a rope geek, this is Mecca.

    It's really a group of 150 people who really care about everything rope in one conference room for 2 days. Some of the presentations might only apply to mountain rescue teams, some only to tower workers, but a lot of times their techniques and ideas are adaptable to use by the fire service. I think it's a good way to keep progress going.

    You can see some of the past presentations and topics by going to

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