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    Default Physical conditioning for a firefighter?

    What are some work outís that would help me prepare for a future career in firefighting?

    I got a little lazy and stopped doing cardio and what not. A few guys on body building forum told me to do a number of full body exercises.
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    Go to the health and wellness topic.
    Stay Safe and Well Out There....

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    Wanna have killer hang time? Here's our lil 30 min cardio worout. get on the treadmill n get it going to a nice speed( light running speed for you) run one lap...jump off...leave it running.....do push ups till the lap counter comes back...jump back on...run another lap.....jump off while its still running.....do sit ups......jump back on the treadmill for another lap......jump off n do squats....continue this for 15 min at first and work your way up to 30 min. Eventually you can do this workout with your mask on ( be VERY VERY carefull when doing this). Great workout on duty light,quick, and there is no special equip needed. You can sprint around the station or even do gassers in the bay in place of running. the key is to continuously tax the body as a whole changing it up... good luck and stay hydrated (Pedialite is way better that gatoraide)

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