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    Default Military / Non-Military firefighters

    I recently ran into some WSI guys and the conversation turned to military service. None had ever been in the military and had no desire to go in but were more than willing to take a job over here. Now I know I'll get the "we are supporting the troops by being over here" comments..yeah yeah. The new firefighters that I get here that have no military service have the hardest time adjusting to working on and around the military and I'm forever getting "this is the way we do it at my other department" or "why do we have to do this", very easy to answer those questions, because the company says that we need to or because that is the way the military wants it done. Any of you who have the oppurtunity to look at resumes, is military service one of the first things that you look for?

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    Your post is very confusing. I'm really not sure what your getting at, but I'll try and help you out the best I can. You say "the new firefighters that I get here" Are you working for WSI or serving with the Air Force? I don't know where you are at or what your job title/position is, but I know that probably half the guys at the site I'm at are prior military representing all branches of the service. Some did one enlistment and out while others are actually retired from the service. As far as you getting the "we are supporting the troops by being over here" comments..yeah, yeah......Well, they are, aren't they? Maybe some of those individuals aren't qualified or capable of joining the military. I can assure you that if it wasn't for those non-military firefighters working these contract jobs, there would not be enough prior service firefighters to fill the seats. And as far as the comments about "this is the way we did it back home" I can tell you from over 20 years of experience as a military firefighter that I used to get that from troops PCSing in from other assignments as well. As long as there is a reason you are doing something a certain way then whats the problem. It's ok for subordinates to question techniques, it means they're at least showing interest in there jobs, and who knows, maybe after they explain how they would do something it would make more sense and it's a win win for all. Just because you have been doing something one way for the last 6 years doesn't mean it's the only way or the right way. And just because they are not wearing a polo doesn't mean they're idiots. Now if they're questioning your authority, then that's a different story. Some basic leadership skills will most of the time solve those issues. As far as the resume question you'll have to find someone from Arlington, VA HQ to answer that one, they get all the resumes and applications. Hope I was able to help.

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    I used to tell my guys when they said 'We are supporting the troops' to only keep up to e-6 pay of their pay check, and donate the rest to a fallen soldiers fund.

    They aren't there to support the troops, they are there to make money. Anyone saying anything different is just trying to sleep better at night.

    When i would in-proccess the guys i would tell them that one of the things i didn't want to hear was 'well this is how we did it at XXX'. I would let them know that i was open for suggestion, but they were no longer at XXX base, and i was not A/C XXX.

    As to the military/non military. I found that being prior military did help the guys adapt quicker to the constant change that was thrown at them. They also took a butt chewing a little better than the Civvies.
    However, the Civvies did bring a different experience to the table that was useful during real life situations and drills.

    At the end of the day though, there were idiots on both sides of the house, and to be honest with you, the most GO1 violations i had to deal with came from the prior military guys thinking they could get away with stuff.

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    Bent... Were you at Osan by chance?

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    Would say a city department operates differently and I'd normally say not more aircraft related operations , so there more then likely is a large learning curve for non military

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