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    Default After cpat test, whats next?

    After lets say passing the cpat test, what would be the next logical move??.. Start goin to school for emt b certificate, or try to get hired in a FD??

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    What state are you in??

    What are the state or city requirements to get hired???

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    So there are places you can take a CPAT test without testing for a specific department?


    Here, the only time you take a CPAT is after you have passed the written test for a specific department and are invited to take the CPAT.

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    In NY you can take the CPAT without being hired - you do need to at least be a volunteer I believe.....I'd have to check with my other half.

    I know of people here who have taken the CPAT to get other certifications.....or to give them a leg up getting onthe job.

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