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    Default Ansul vs Amerex

    I'm trying to standardize our fire protection equipment and want to go with one brand of extinguisher. Is there any difference with performance or quality between Ansul and Amerex?

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    Default Fire Extinguisher

    What we look at when buying equipment (extinguishers, SCBA, etc.) is who will service it locally.

    While some fire extinguisher servicing firms may service all brands, some may only service certain brands. Check with your local extinguisher servicing firms and see what brands they sell and what brands they service.

    Anytime a charged extinguisher is shipped (UPS, etc.) there is a hazardous materials freight shipping fee. If you can purchase the extinguisher from a local firm, versus purchasing out of the area that requires shipping, that may save money.

    IMHO, both Ansul and Amerex are good extinguishers. Getting them serviced locally is a major factor on what we buy.
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