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    Default Command Officer Training Academy

    Firehouse World will be hosting the Command Officer Training Academy this year as a preconference class February 26 & 27 in San Diego.

    2-DAY, 16-HOUR CLASS: This highly-interactive program is a designed to provide the students with the skill sets necessary to be successful command officers. Students will be placed in realistic training environments and taught how to maximize and develop leadership skills, team-building qualities, handle disciplinary processes, and establish strong fundamental fireground command operations for today's fast-paced changing fireground.

    Register by DECEMBER 15 to be eligible for pre-event webinars as well as classroom prep.

    Ed Hadfield, Deputy Chief, Coronado, CA FD; Anthony Kastros, Battalion Chief, Sacramento Metro Fire District, CA; Mike Alder, Battalion Chief, San Bernardino City FD, CA; and Wes Kitchel, Fire Captain.
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