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    Default Portable pump Curve

    I am wondering what is the testing process they use to chart the curve? Do you use a flow meter and a stream shaper with a pressure guage? I am looking at flow and GPM curve.

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    Are you talking about the performance curve.. gpm vs. psi??
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    Most portable pump manufacturers simply couple up a purchased motor to a pump with little or no adjustments to the actual assembly. The pump curve is determined by testing a number of representative samples that have been tweaked for optimum horsepower and torque and then run in a test facility with known orfice size and calibrated pitot and master gauges, just like your annual pump test for your apparatus. You can use an rpm meter to monitor the motor speed and a gate valve to control the discharge volume. We make it a practice to take a tanker and every new portable to the local dealer and have the mechanic adjust the motor under load to verify the capibility of the new pump and optimize the equipment. Trash pumps as well as 90 psi firefighting portables for brush fires.

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