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    I think basic use of hand tools is becoming a lost art. I used to assume everybody could read a tape , drive a nail ,and use leverage to their advantage. I was wrong big time.
    The uses of your hand tools cant be aqquired in a single drill. You need to "pack a lunch" when you get an aqquired structure and spend the better part of a day trying out different tools side by side. Take the house apart -not only will you gain some insight on the use of the tools , you may pick up a thing or two about building construction. You need to try half a dozen ways of pulling or opening up , when you find a way that works - repeat it untill you run out of stuff to tear up. You dang sure arent going to wear them out - if if they are going to break - now's the time to find out.

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    Fieldeng2, PM the address to your firehouse, I'll send you what we have on it. It will all be paper based, no videos I know of....although if I find anything, I'll kick it out.

    The Haligan Hook, was invented by us years ago, we use it everyday for two positions on the truck....the roofman and outside vent man. It doesn't replace the standard hooks, but it is for specific duties of the outside team that makes it better in those cases. Some companies around the city will weld eyelets on the bases to facilitate the mounting of a 2-3' chain. When married with haligan bar, with the dame eyelet...you can vent from the floor above in buildings that have no fire excapes and out of reach of ladders. Its also better to use this hook than the standard to drop fire escape ladders...they control the rise and fall of the ladder with ease.

    This thing has a ton of uses....just pm me you details, I'll mail them too you.

    Stay Safe

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