Hey everyone!

I'm new here and it seems this is the place to be when it comes to firefighting discussion. I've read a lot of posts and got a lot of information.
I know job openings around here are extremely fierce. I'm in Northern AZ right now currently working on all the fire science certs to get hired.... I'm 21and have emt-b, haz mat, cpat, and I'm in the academy for I & II. I'm also a volunteer at a station up here, but even in the small area I'm at competition for being just a volunteer was slightly hard.
I'd like to know what are the chances of me getting a full time position in lets say tempe? or another city around here( not just in AZ, other states on the west coast too). Should I continue to pursue medical to get my Medic? or should I become an engineer, I know it's a lot about what you like to do but it seems there are a lot of FF/medics now and maybe becoming an engineer would be better? I know it will be years before the fire service is steady again but until then is it still the best route to take for a job? & even if I do get a full-time job how long do you think it will take to get one from now?
Don't Get me wrong I would love to make Firefighting my career and I have a strong passion for it but I'm not sure the economy agrees with me . I would move to a lot of states around the west coast for a job (so I'm not just stuck in AZ) but I don't have a lot of info on other states other than AZ. So if anyone has some answers for the areas you are stationed at it would be cool if you could give me some advice, anything helps!


P.S. sorry if this is in the wrong thread area, don't know where else to post it lol