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    Default Foam systems for dummies

    When you purchase a CAFS system from a pump manufacturer, like a Hale CafsMaster, is it all inclusive? Or do you need to specify a foam proportioning system, like a foamPro to go with it.

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    Purchased a Waterous PTO CAFS system for retrofit as a kit. Included everything except PTO and hoses (custom make up to fit your install).

    A regional fire apparatus distributor did the install (and I wouldn't trust just any ole hacks to do it, check out their shop and actual maint./fab. experience. Waterous can make recommendations.

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    Hi All,

    I have seen the Waterous CAF Systems work with an Advantus, FoamPro or a FoamLogix proportioning foam unit. Also I have seen Pierce's CAF systems installed with their own proportioner (Husky) or a FoamPro or an Advantus.

    I don't know one way or the other if Hale or Darley will allow you to chose which proportioner you prefer and/or desire. That is question you should ask of them.

    Hope this helps,

    Capt Lou
    "Got Foam?"

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