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    Talking Update and Thanks!

    Hi guys, I finally get to come here with an update instead of questions!! I wanted to update you that my husband got a call from Fort Rucker last week and they offered him the job. Phew! What a load off our minds! His Army contract is up in about 3 weeks, we will go up to visit family for Thanksgiving and then come back to his new job! Its been a long year of working on apps, interviews, tests and resumes through this whole process so we are thrilled to be D-O-N-E!! We still have some cities that we may hear from but we will just evaluate things as they come. For now we know he has a job!

    Thank you all for your patients in helping us see through all red tape!

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    Congrats to the both of you!


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    yeah good job, hope all goes well for you guys

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