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    Question Need Firehouse software help

    I am looking for input on a problem I have run into with our Firehouse software. I have talked with Firehouse tech support and they can't seem to understand my situation. I am working with a volunteer agency and do not have access to the CAD dispatch system. However, they supply the dispatch information to me in an Excel spreadsheet. I am trying to import this information from a previous year to update our database. We were told the Firehouse CAD monitor was the only way to import this data.
    Then I later was told the CAD monitor would only pull in data directly from the CAD system. Is there anyone out there somewhere that may be able to steer me toward a solution to my dilemma. Any input would be extremely appreciated.

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    Can't help you there at all as we don't use CAD (yet) and we didn't import any old data into Firehouse when we purchased it in 2004.

    However, are you a member of the Firehouse Yahoo Group? It would definitely be a good place to ask this question. There's a wide range of experience in the group and several of the guys even teach at the annual Firehouse Education & Training Seminars (FHETS). I dare say they may be smarter than some of Firehouse's technical support.

    Here's the link for the group...

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    We don't use the CAD feature of Firehouse however on the rare occasion we have had to use the Tech. Support guys, they are all knowing and gets the job done. Maybe ask again and talk to a different person?
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    Thank you for your imput and assistance. I will check it out.

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