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    Hi Everybody, I'm currently attending to the EMT-B class in Delaware county community college (DCCC) Graduating on the November 15. I have got my CPR card. I need to find a training course for EMS Emergency Vehicle Operation such an ambulance. I live in Philadelphia, I can't find any EVOC around. Will anybody help me? please

    I found one in Bucks County but they said that certified ambulance required. I'm not running with anyone.

    Thank you

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    Are you planning on getting on a fire department, or a rescue squad? Usually, they will train you. Forgive me, I'm familiar with Philadelphia's laws regarding emergency vehicles, but is this something that you definitely need? If you're going on to firefighting as well, usually the driver/operator courses are considered an EVOC as well. In a nutshell, I would start talking to departments and get their take on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squad50FF View Post
    What he said. And I would contact the Instructor or the Course Coordinator and explain that you don't have access to a vehicle....They might have something there at the facility you could use, or make arrangements.
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