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    Default Rescue rope set

    Hi brother
    how mony rescue rope must be in one set, and all the set in defrent color or not
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    Quote Originally Posted by ssooss View Post
    Hi brother
    how mony rescue rope must be in one set, and all the set in defrent color or not
    Please learn to spell. The amount of rope you carry depends on your response area. We have much shorter lengths in our rope kit than a dept that runs high rise rescue or cliff rescue.

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    In addition, different colors will help minimize confusion in multi rope systems, or can be used to identify different rope lengths.

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    My company carries three different lengths 75' 150' & 300' this cache works well for us. We try to keep the ropes different colors allowing easy identification during operations. There's no hard fast rule to the length and color rope you must carry, it all comes down to what works for your team and it's needs. You'll figure that out once you begin training.
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