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    You first have to score well enough on the ASVAB test to get into the USAF, then you have to pass a Military Medical exam. There may not be any Air Force Firefighter slots when you decide to enlist. My point is a lot of people plan on joining the Air Force to become Firefighters and not everyone can be one! This is one of the reasons the job is so special.

    Good luck.

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    There isn't anything you can do except what is stated above, score high enough on the ASVAB and cross your fingers that AFPC chooses you to be a 3E7 (Fire Protection). No degree, certifications, or honors will get you there any closer to the next guy that walks in an wants FP.

    Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gomezz View Post
    Thank you for all the answer, I just have one more questions. Is there anything I can do prior to enlisting to better my chances of getting a slot in the school?

    Thanks Again the information is very helpful
    It works on the needs of the Air Force and slots that they have available, there is nothing you can do to better your chances. You need to get with a recruiter and tell him/her that fire is the only job you want and will have to wait for a slot to open so they can lock you in one. Once you get your slot and and our put in DEP (Delayed Entry Program) I would use that time to run and work out. Leg and upper body strength are needed the most. Good luck.

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