We are a smaller department which routinely provides mutual aid responses to neighboring departments. We recently placed in service a CAFS equipped engine however all of our surrounding mutual aid departments are currently operating non-CAFS equipped apparatus and on responses into their fire districts we are normally the second due engine company. Several of these departments have expressed an interest in CAFS operations and as part of our initial training we have worked with these departments conducting evolutions where our CAFS engine supplies their non-CAFS engine with CAFS as the second due engine company. In these evolutions we are supplying their engines via one of their discharges with their pump disengaged and utilizing their engine as a manifold. We are utilizing hand lines that they already have in place but switching out the nozzles with CAFS nozzles to avoid disruption of bubble structure of the CAFS. This has been a positive experience thus far however we are looking for any tips or suggestions from other departments encountering similar operations.