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    Default Navy Reserve = Vet preference?

    Hey I'm happy to say that I am looking to sign a contract with the navy reserve but just want to clarify this:

    As a naval reserve am I able to apply to departments with vet preference or is it only active duty? thank you.FYI: I'm doing a 4 yr contract.

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    Sound like a vet to me

    But not sure if a city would want a 214, or they would take a letter stating you are in the reserve

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    I believe in St. Paul, which is civil service, you need a minimum of 180 days active.
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    * An honorable or general discharge is necessary;

    * Military retirees at the rank of major, lieutenant commander, or higher are not eligible for preference unless they are disabled veterans;

    * Guard and Reserve active duty for training purposes does not qualify for preference;

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    You do not get Vet preference just by joining. Do a deployment and you will..

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