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    Quote Originally Posted by LaFireEducator View Post
    - What's the difference between Utility rope and life line???.
    Utility rope is reusable, life line is used once, then it becomes utility rope. there is another issue of type, but I don't remember, look it up

    Rescue rope must be dynamic, meaning it will stretch somewhat under a load and absorb shock. Utility rope is static, meaning it will not stretch under a load. Also the composition of the rope differs. And yes, used rescue rope can be used as utility rope.
    No to both here. Rescue rope can be used continuously unless; it takes a shock load, gets damaged or past your department's service life. Be sure to inspect and clean as needed after each use.

    Static kernmantle rope is used for most rescue situations, not dynamic rope. Dynamic rope is used sometimes if you are expecting a fall... like tower or rock climbing.
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    Jeez, don't be a kid with a question...

    Two things:

    Firefighters glossary

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