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    Smile Grant Opportunity

    Firefighters Support Foundation, Inc.

    The Firefighters Support Foundation awards grants to under-funded fire departments to buy equipment to help prevent first responder and public fire-related injuries and deaths.


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    Guys, be a little careful dealing with these folks. Only 5% of their donations actually go to firefighters, the rest goes to expenses...


    Another non-profit at the same address only gets 4%,


    And they both use this group for fund raising


    Now, yes, they do give some money away - they have to, but I would never donate or assist this group.


    • COMMUNITY SUPPORT, INC.: The Milwaukee-based fundraiser must substantially change its business practices under an agreement reached with the Washington Attorney General’s Office and 30 other attorneys general.

    “Community Support is anything but supportive,” McKenna said. “We allege the fundraiser misrepresented how donations were spent while keeping almost every dime for its own use.”

    Community Support, Inc., solicits funds from consumers in nearly every state on behalf of more than 35 charities. The states accused the company of suggesting more money would go to the charity or be spent locally, that its callers were law enforcement officers or veterans and that individuals had made pledges. The company was also blamed for making harassing calls.

    According to records at the Washington Secretary of State’s Office, Community Support returned 12 percent of its total contributions to charity clients in 2008.

    Community Support did not admit any wrongdoing but agreed to pay $200,000 to the states to cover the costs of the investigation and lawsuit; Washington’s share is $8,000. The settlement requires penalties if the company fails to comply with the terms. Washington’s version of the settlement and complaint will be filed in King County Superior Court.


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