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    Default Foam System for Aerial Waterway

    I am interested in a foam system for a municipal pumper with a snozzle (or similar type) boom. I'm looking at something that can provide at least 500 GPM water/foam flow at 3% and can be manifolded to several discharges. At this point I am envisioning a 50 gallon cell with 1/3 AR-AFFF. We will install an EZ-Fill system so we can operate from our foam trailer's bank of foam for large operations. The idea is to have the first of its type aerial foam nozzle in our area. Just looking for info, nothing is yet in stone.

    What systems would work for this and what kind of costs are we looking at? I looked at the FoamPro3012, it seems to have the flow requirements, but im not sure we could use it maifolded to several discharges. Whatever system we get, I would like to have it able to serve 2 attack line discharges, the bumper discharge and the aerial discharge.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Mike, we have had 2 feecon around the pump systems on our rigs at work. Pretty easy to operate and rated for 1200 GPM. We use a separate direct tank fill as it is an eductor based rather than balanced pressure system.

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    not exactly what you are looking for but. It is an older way of doing it. We have a 1987 national foam pumper 1250 GPM 1000 gals of 3% class b foam. For ladder pipe ops that require foam we just take the foam nozzle off the deck gun and screw it on the ladder pipe. Pump the foam solution up the waterway and out the foam nozzle. This should work with any any foam capable engine provided it can supply a foam solution at the rated capacity of the master stream foam nozzle. I know this is not exactly what you are looking, but it works.

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    Get in touch with Mark Frieden at FoamPro... he's got a lot of info and can probably steer you in the right direction. mark.frieden@hypropumps.com

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    we also had 2 feecon around the pump systems on our rigs at work. Pretty easy to operate and rated for 1200 GPM. we don't use separate tank fill but will be good idea to do so.

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